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Putting our collective knowledge to work, Verus Forensic creates resources to help others in a proactive way. We are experts in our field and believe in giving back to the community. While we believe that simply doing good, thoughtful work contributes to our society, we also strive to be directly involved by helping to educate others.

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Matthew Manjarrez and Allen Bourgeois have contributed to the legal community by producing articles discussing aspects of traffic engineering that are often the subjects of litigation. Click the links below for free access.

Jaywalking and the Elusive Unmarked Crosswalk Making Sense of a "Who Ran the Red Light?" Case

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Speaking Events

At Verus Forensic, we make time for opportunities to help educate others about the importance of applying sound engineering principles. We offer a free presentation entitled: Aligning Perspectives: Using Traffic Engineers to Prove Your Case.

If you have an event in which their expertise could be of assistance, please contact Matthew or Allen to discuss.

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