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Verus Forensic works with the legal community, consulting on cases involving technical engineering issues.

We work to provide you with an accurate, reliable assessment of your case using a process that is fair and transparent. Applying engineering knowledge and many years of experience, we deliver opinions that stand the test of cross-examination and effectively educate the judge and the jury.

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The Verus Process

Initial Assessment

During an initial client consultation, we listen to ensure we understand the facts and elements of your case. We then perform an initial assessment with the goal of determining whether or not our findings are likely to trend toward opinions that support your case. As soon as possible in the process, we discuss the findings of our initial assessment while carefully avoiding premature conclusions.

While far from final opinions formed through a full, comprehensive evaluation of the case, we have found that our initial assessment is an invaluable tool. It assists our clients in making informed decisions and keeps the process cost-effective. It provides you with a sense of where your case stands and how you should proceed.

The Verus Process

Fair, Balanced Analysis

Hopefully, the results of our work will show that the facts are likely to support your case, and we would be pleased to present and advocate for our opinions upon completion of a comprehensive evaluation through declaration, in deposition, and at trial.

Sometimes we find that our work has revealed that the facts are not likely to support your case. Our goal is to identify this reality as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. When this occurs, we understand that you may choose to close your file with us. Alternatively, we are available to provide ongoing support as consultants rather than your designated experts in the current case.

We work diligently to fully discuss our findings with you so that you fully understand them. Of course, we always hold what we learn about your case in strict confidence.

The Verus Process

Comprehensive Evaluation

During our comprehensive case evaluation, we look for more details and thoroughly evaluate the information relevant to your case. This often involves going out to the site and looking for the physical components of the case to be examined. We sift through document production, looking with a detail-oriented eye to fully identify and understand the important elements involved. Engineering decisions that resulted in the conditions that existed prompting your case as well as facility history are studied carefully.

We consider relevant engineering codes, standards, and guidelines along with state-of-the-practice literature to inform our perspective of your case. We are thorough, methodical, and use time efficiently, often identifying issues that others may have missed.

Based on what we have learned through our comprehensive evaluation, we analyze the information concerning your case, synthesizing our findings into a comprehensive, well-founded set of opinions. Together with context, the facts of your case lead to our opinions, and our job is to articulate and present these opinions clearly.

The Verus Process

Effective Communication

Our findings are only useful if they are able to be understood by the recipients. Working from our years of experience communicating technical information both orally and in writing, we employ appropriate rhetorical techniques, concrete examples, and visual information to get our point across and establish a solid foundation for our evaluation and resulting opinions. We truly enjoy presenting our findings and opinions to you, the judge, and the jury.

The Verus Process

Access to Experts

Working with us gives you access to experts. In some cases, we recognize the need to tap into other resources and have relationships in the industry to refer you to services and experts in other areas such as accident reconstruction, biomechanics, and human factors.

The Verus Process


Within Verus Forensic, we take a collaborative approach, working as a team to go over ideas and peer review each others’ positions. This keeps us accountable and allows us to benefit from each others’ varied experiences. Each of our clients benefits from our on-going consultation and auditing of opinions within our team. When you work with one of our professional engineers, you get the experience of all of them. We believe in a shared environment in which everyone learns from each other.

The Verus Process

Fair Billing Practices

Our unique tiered billing rate structure facilitates our collaborative approach. We bill out time at a lower rate when we support each other. For example, an hour of Matthew's time is higher when he is working as the lead expert than when he is providing consultation and collaborative support on a case in which Allen is the lead expert.

Whatever the specific findings for your case, we will always be helpful and keep you informed. We value communication and understand your time is valuable, utilizing technology to allow interactive, live conversation. This facilitates communication and accommodates those clients who cannot travel to our our office or who would prefer not to incur the cost of us traveling to theirs.

The Verus Process

Findings You Can Trust

Verus Forensic's position is always defined by objective analysis, carefully establishing the foundation for all the statements we make and opinions we express. With an eye for detail, we apply the concepts, standards, and guidelines set forth by the appropriate local, city, and county agencies as well as the state of California and national best practices.

During our workup of your case, we actively look for weaknesses so that our results do not fall apart when pressed. Our collaborative environment facilitates this as our engineers discuss cases with each other and challenge each others’ assumptions. We are authorities in our field and contribute to educating others by developing and delivering content regarding technical issues we regularly evaluate.

We are careful about the conclusions we claim, cautiously evaluating all of the facts and looking at them in context. You can rely on us, our process, and the conclusions we reach to support your case. Contact us and let us know how we can help you today.