Flexibility and Stability in Healthcare Benefits

James' Story

Hypothetical Case Number 2:

A Talented Scientist Responding to Change

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Sometimes life throws unexpected challenges your way. Let's look at how our approach to providing benefits would help an individual who shares the responsibility to care for a family member with health issues.

James is a hypothetical established professional in the forensic industry. He has a steady stream of repeat clients who trust him for his scientific expertise.

His clients know he is rock solid on the witness stand as he advocates for his findings and conclusions. He truly enjoys strategizing with clients as he helps them understand the technical issues.

When a Team Member at Verus needs stability and time for family responsibilities

Our hypothetical character, James, has a current need to focus on a family member's unexpected health issue. For the foreseeable future, James would highly value a stable, predictable compensation arrangement that reflects his marketplace presence while not demanding more than he feels he has to offer during this season of life.

James is excited to join the Verus Forensic team and is grateful for the firm's help in matching his need for flexibility with the requirement for a stable base in the form of a personalized benefits arrangement.

Solutions: Predictable Compensation with Limitations on Demands

Our solution for someone dealing with unexpected challenges, like our hypothetical character, James, experienced, is to make sure they have the time they need to support their loved ones while providing them with stability.

A significant piece of our hypothetical character's total compensation will flow through the firm's Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA), through which James will receive full reimbursement of his monthly health insurance premium, deductibles, and other qualifying out-of-pocket expenses.

James and the firm agree that a robust market-rate salary would most fittingly provide the stable income and peace-of-mind that are essential at present. James will also be eligible for the firm's typical quarterly bonus distributions based on overall company profitability and individual performance.

At Verus Forensic, we think beyond a "one size fits all" approach and work with team members to craft benefits packages that fit their needs and goals.

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