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Josephine's Story

Hypothetical Case Number 3:

A Sharp Mind Determined to Keep Active

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Josephine is a hypothetical retired engineer who enjoys traveling and relaxing with her family. She is pleased to have a well-planned and fully funded path through these next many years.

Our hypothetical character felt an irresistible pull to use her engineering background in an entirely new and challenging way while helping others. This led her to join Verus Forensic. She is thrilled to be working within a new context - that of lawsuits, attorneys, and courtrooms.

Working with Verus and Exploring Challenges

As a long-time consultant, Josephine knows that the time her clients need will vary from week-to-week. She is prepared for a mixture of marathon weeks (as she approaches a deadline) alongside weeks where she is able to work as much, or as little, as she pleases.

Solutions: Hourly Arrangements for Flexibility in Workflow

Josephine and the firm agree that an hourly arrangement would provide the flexibility that she values. Two hourly rate options were discussed.

The first option was for Josephine to receive a single hourly rate for all of her time, which would be supplemented by the firm's quarterly bonus distributions.

The second option was that Josephine would voluntarily opt-out of the firm's bonus program, but she would receive a high hourly rate of pay for each hour that is billable to clients, and a lower hourly rate for the unavoidable non-billable administrative and marketing tasks that will arise.

Ultimately, Josephine decided that she was most comfortable with the second option because it felt fairer to her and fit her personal approach to finances more fully.

We at Verus understand that people want to work on their own terms and welcome individuals in all seasons of life. Compensation and benefits are molded to their needs.

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